The APP division, acronym for Aste Private Professionali, takes advantage of the expertise gained by APEP in twenty years of management of compulsory and voluntary auctions.

It is therefore a qualified partner of private individuals, professionals (Support Administrators, Trustees of Lying Inheritance, Executors of Wills, …) and organizations who want to sell real estate with the new and modern private auction tool, also electronically.

It works in synergy with the Notary, a public official who has the competence and professionalism necessary to guarantee the transparency and security of the transfer.

What is Private Auction?

The private auction is a widely used sales tool in Anglo-Saxon countries, which is also gaining ground in our country: it is a voluntary sale by which the owner is allowed to offer his property to a plurality of subjects. The asset will be assigned to the person who has made the best offer in the tender to be held before the Notary, and will be transferred to him by notarial deed.

What are the advantages of a private auction?

Selling and buying through private auction ensures:

  • Time certain as previously agreed upon;
  • Revenue maximization through the bidding system;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Transparency of the procedure

What are the services offered by APP?

APP offers a range of services from analysis on the seller and real estate to notarization.

Specifically APP:

  • Meet with the client to determine the timing and modalities of the notice of sale;
  • Makes sure that there are no formalities detrimental to the sale of the property and that it is freely marketable;
  • Acquires the entire preliminary documentation, which will then be made available to interested parties purged of sensitive data;
  • Identifies, if necessary, an appraiser to prepare a sworn technical-descriptive report where the seller does not already have a suitable appraisal report;
  • Produce the photo book and interactive 360° virtual tour at the seller’s request;
  • Drafts the call for bids and related specifications;
  • Disclose through advertising channels the sale;
  • Report the names of interested parties to the property in order to allow visits;
  • Manages the Auction and the competition among multiple bidders;
  • It works in synergy with the Notary Public until the deed is signed.

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